Monday, March 5, 2012

A Shout Out To the One Night Stands

I feel like we can't talk about Juice Boxes without speaking of the girls who fall for the one night of them being me. I can't say I always did it, but in my youth I didn't know better! I mean how was I supposed to know that the gorgeous man who was totally into me tonight wouldn't want me tomorrow?

One nighters can be at a club on the dance floor, at a party off in the back room, in the name it...I fell for it.

One of them in particular, was a buff and tan tank from Arizona. He came up to visit my friend and immediately we hit it off. He had the body that I craved and I figured I would just keep flirting my way into his heart. Well I must have played my cards right because while looking at the fish in Walmart, he couldn't help but plant one on me. Just a sweet one on my forehead...but after I looked up with my eyes all excited, we kissed. It was so cute and so natural. We soon decided to make a game of it find how many places in Walmart we could kiss without drawing too much attention. The night ended up with me and him hooking up in the back of his truck and as he drove back to Arizona he left me thinking it was love. But after two weeks of waiting for him to return my phone calls I finally gave up...

Some of them I didn't even know their names...what it Chris? Was it Brandon? When they leave the club/party without your phone number and calling you some other girl's name..I get the picture.

One time I was at a party with my friends just trying to meet some new guys when I met this tall gorgeous man. I think his first name started with an E...that's all I really knew. Well he came over and started talking all sweet to me. "Baby" this and "Baby" know it's going to be a one nighter when they don't even bother to learn your first name. Well I thought he was cute so when he invited me on a little nature walk outside I was ready and willing. Not even 5 feet from the house was he already trying to steal a kiss or two. But before giving in to his seductions I made him promise to call me...I don't just give my kisses away to anybody! Please! But to no ones surprise...I never got a call...

So here's to giving into losers...falling for the charm and beautiful dance knowing that they wont ever call but secretly hoping they will...

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