Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Juice Box #1

Where to start...the juice boxes have been catching my attention for years...but to begin, I will start with one that I will never forget...

I was 17—a freshman in college. Having graduated a year early I was younger than most. Through a friend I met a BEAUTIFUL return missionary. With height and charisma he stole my heart. Well late one night he invited me to go “star gazing.” Not being na├»ve to his intentions I immediately agreed. I mean who could resist? Well we go to a popular “lookout spot” and the moment we parked he pounced. Leaving me no time to process what was about to happen. Next thing I know he’s almost entirely in my seat and as his hands start to take off my jacket…I panic! I was struggling with how to adjust to the troubling circumstances when all of a sudden he pulls back. “Wait, how old are you again?” he asks. My body, unable to adjust to the changing circumstances struggle with the words…”17,” I reply. But did he already forget that I had told him that just 30 minutes before? He sits back in his seat. I grow nervous. I was perfectly honest with him from the very beginning! “You’re the same age as my younger brother.” He says in a hushed voice. He just keeps sitting there. I rush for some consoling words but can’t seem to find them. I reach for the music, turning it up to distract from the changing mood. “Oh I love this song!” I scream loudly. Hoping to break the deadly silence. He looks over at me in disgust, “You would. It’s from YOUR generation.” I stare straight ahead trying to figure out what to say. Finally I decide the night is only going to get worse. I turn to him and just ask him to take me home. The car ride home is silent and as I finally get back to my apartment he yells as I leave the car, “Call me!” Like I would EVER call him. I turn back and in my anger say, “no…I don’t think so.” And walk back inside with whatever dignity that I have left.

Here's to hoping he felt stupid for a second.

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