Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Juice Box #2

I wish I could say this is the only juice box I fell for. One man was significantly older than me. He worked at the same place that I worked and after many shifts we would enjoy the dangerous thrill of bringing our romantic moments to the employee break room. Yet after each encounter he swore me to secrecy. At first I found this endearing. I thought he was protecting me from the jeers of all our many male coworkers. Yet, I finally let it slip to one of my girlfriend who I swore to secrecy. It spread like wildfire and soon the whole place was talking about it. Little did I know he was secretly hoping his old lover, would one day leave her then boyfriend and choose him, leaving me to fend for myself. She confronted him and he then confronted me. “How could you?!” He screamed. “You ruined everything!” “How is this my fault?” I replied. I couldn’t understand why he was allowed to be mad at me when he was the one treating ME like crap. Soon the whole place was making comments and eventually I quit because of all the negative glares. 

But not before telling this juice box to find another “in-between” girl and to grow up! 

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